MFI WOOD s.r.o.

For over 20 years we have been a leader in manufacturing high-quality pine and spruce edge-glued single-layer...

MFI WOOD s.r.o.

Leader on the market
since 1992

For over 20 years we have been a leader in manufacturing high-quality pine and spruce edge-glued single-layer panels on the Czech market.

Our focus is on the highest quality from the very beginning of our production and is the reason why our panels are made from timber exclusively imported from the Scandinavian forests of Sweden and Finland. From our many years of experience and development, we are convinced that trees growing slowly in cooler climates are the best raw material for the furniture industry, furniture production, carpentry and DIY to make e.g. stairs, doors, home accessories and other wooden components.

Our vision

MFI WOOD´s vision can be put into a single thought:

“To provide our customers with affordable and high quality edge- glued panels.”

Company values and products are changing rapidly in a competitive and fast moving market. The real value for our customers can only be created by delivering quality products at affordable prices. This vision is the driving force of our company where we hold to our clearly defined values and unique substance.

Five key values


Our company has years of experience in the industry and therefore our customers can embed full confidence in us. We are able to patiently listen to our customers and suggest an optimal product solution.


We take a pride in high quality products so to ensure full satisfaction of our customers. Using exclusively Scandinavian timber, we are confident that customers receive the highest quality product. We believe that the high quality of our products and services guarantee the success of our customers as well as ours.


We continually improve our technology and procedures at all levels. This approach helps us to achieve high quality work and efficiently fulfil the wishes of our customers. Due to innovations in the production of our panels, we are always one step ahead of our competitors.


We place great emphasis on honesty, decency and honesty in our society. We maintain a long-term and good relationship with our customers.


We carefully listen to our customers and try to fulfil their needs. Quality and extraordinary service, strict compliance with deadlines and effectively carried outjob are the key to building trust and long-term relationships with our customers.

Environmentally friendly production

Responsible approach to environmental protection is one of the main priorities for our company and therefore we thinkabout ecological aspects during ourproduction. Our production does not produce any emissions or any other pollutants that could have a negative impact on the environment. Our production line leaves no waste and is able to utilize fully the purchased material from the primary sector.

We are fully aware that the environment is an aspect of international scope, therefore the wood for all our products comes exclusively from the forests of the Scandinavian peninsula, which are sustainably managed in line with environmental and social criteria and requirements defined by international certificates. This certificate guarantees that our products are environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable.